Parts for Destruction


Arrow’s wide array of equipment can destroy an entire aircraft wing or the smallest fastener. Major aircraft and consumer product manufacturers regularly utilize Arrow to provide certified destruction of restricted parts. Customers may personally witness destruction or Arrow will provide digital photography record and certificates of destruction. Arrow will provide lockable containers at customer facilities for parts awaiting destruction. All parts and materials places in these locked containers will be transported to the Arrow yard and destroyed by the appropriate means. All destroyed parts and tooling are then sent directly to the smelter. Arrow has a designated secure area at its facility for holding all parts and tooling that re to undergo certified destruction. Access to this designated secure area and all other Arrow Work areas is restricted to the public.


Arrows destruction methods are as following:

  • Hammer Mill
  • Plasma Arc Welding/Cutting
  •  Shearing
  •  Grinding
  •  Abrasive Cutting/Slitting or Shredding


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